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Yoga for health and wellbeing
Build strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and calm the mind with our flowing vinyasa sequences.
An eclectic approach influenced by Sivananda Yoga for subtle mind and breath work, Ashtanga Yoga for heat, flexibility and stamina, Iyengar Yoga for alignment, and Hatha Yoga for theory, philosophy and classical asana.
Suitable for all levels of experience; postures are broken down for beginners making classes accessible.

Yoga for emotional wellbeing and recovery
Theme-based structured programmes and workshops delivered by a yoga teacher and experienced mental health professional.
A complementary approach to access the mind, help overcome obstacles, release tension that is held in the body as well as the mind and, learn to relax.
Develop a recovery plan, knowledge and a personalised self-help tool kit within a yoga framework of balance and acceptance.

Yoga Classes and Courses

Emotional Wellbeing & Recovery